Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised

New York Times: Leaked Report Points to Larger Pakistani Role in Mumbai Attacks

As the investigation proceeds, Pakistan is beginning to admit that its citizens were part of the attacks in India last fall.

The Times article implies that the attacks were a continuation of the friction between the two nations. Both nations continue to investigate, and Pakistan is apparently cooperating with Indian officials.

The friction between the two, partly caused by disputes over Kashmir, is as old as the two nations themselves, and has flared regularly since independence. It's arguable that the relative quiet through most of the decade was a product of Pakistan President Musharraf's efforts to curry favour with the Bush [mal]administration by supporting the GWoT and turning his nation's attention to its western neighbor (Afghanistan) and away from India. With both Musharraf and Bush out of power, and the GWoT increasingly discredited along with other misguided Shrubbery, Pakistan's extremists appear once again to be focusing on the Kashmir question and their Indian foes.

The tone so far between the two governments seems fairly cordial. The investigations are cooperating, and Pakistan is taking steps to quash radical anti-Indian groups within its borders. One hopes that both nations can find amicable and just resolution to the recent horror.

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