Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Post Gets It

Eugene Robinson says it very clearly.

President Obama and the Democratic majorities in Congress can no longer afford to let comity defeat common sense.

...Republicans are using this debate as a branding opportunity, positioning themselves as careful stewards of the public purse. This is absurd, given their record when they were in charge. It's also cynical.

The GOP has done its level best to prevent anything that involves federal dollars being achieved to alleviate the economic situation. They have advocated nothing less than more of the same policies that actually helped cause the crisis and exacerbated it once it began. And their cries of partisanship behaviour on the Democrats' part ring hollow given their prior statements on the subject. Why they cling to the belief that they remain relevant is a mystery.

In the end, at this moment Robinson says it best:

This is not an issue where the answer is to be found in the "middle." [I]t's a matter of yes or no: Does the federal government try to get the economy moving again, or not?

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