Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laugh/Cry for Today

Between deeky at Shakesville and Gawker I'm about in tears.

When I saw the first photo, my first thought was "Oh, how sweet - they got together and they're taking care of each other now." THEN I read the background material.

You'll note that I'm not placing the content or links to it here: I have no interest in 'blogging in the far more foul language I'd use if I were asked in person about this, and I won't give the vendor the satisfaction (though I heartily commend Gawker readers et al for overloading the vendor's Website as they have).

The very idea that somebody in the Xtian community thinks that taking the shame out of a subject so they can talk about the, um, shamefulness of the subject is obscene. The "ex-slave" items I thought were particularly tasteless, though I can't say a whole lot for any of the products. And once again we have fanatics doing anything to get their message out - with no regard for accuracy, decency or the end uses of the medium in question.

For details, hit both links and dig through the comments. That's the real reason I'm about to split my sides: the reactions have been for the most part absolutely hysterical. I think my two favorite (printable) ones are:

If Christians are to support this the Pope has to start wearing Ex-Nazi t-shirts.

It sucks to be the younger sibling that has to get that shirt as a hand-me-down.

My own comment (shamelesly reposted here): "I see things like this and I keep hearing the Purifier from Chronicles of Riddick: "We all began as something else." Of course, that was talking about joining a missionary genocidal death-worshiping cult... OH.

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