Friday, February 13, 2009

Hyperventilation, South Florida Style

Some people apparently have neither a sense of humour nor a sense of proportion.

Michelle Malkin can slag every Democrat in America and no-one blinks.

Ann Coulter can verbally abuse the Left and the worst she gets is a charge of voter fraud.

But say one wrong thing to los Historicos and you wind up in court.

So now, after some snarking, Random Pixels is going before the magistrate for libeling Babalu Blog.

'Blogging has a certain amount of freedom associated with it, including (one would assume) all the press protections of the Constitution. Further, anyone who's so sensitive to the (from what I have read of the matter) trivial nature of the original "offense" doesn't have any business in the public sphere, never mind allowing commentary on his 'blog.

I think Bill at Random Pixels has every right to stand up to Babalu in court; and I expect the suit to get laughed out of chambers just as quickly as it came in. Hopefully Babalu will grow some skin after the experience, but I doubt it.

I stand up and join all those who support Random Pixels.

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