Monday, February 16, 2009

Of Mice And Trains

How are we expected to give any credence whatsoever to Republicans opposing the stimulus package - or any part of it - when they don't seem to have the least clue what actually is in the package in the first place?

Conservative lawmakers, pundits and talking heads have all gone off the deep end denouncing the excesses of the new bill. Yet their chief targets aren't even in the package.

$30 million for salt marsh mice? Not there. A high speed rail corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas? Also absent. No high speed rail project for Ohio? There are two.

Republican credibility falls even lower as key figures indicate they are so opposed to stimulus in principle that they don't even know what's actually in the bill. This is the behaviour of the spoiled child: too busy crying to pay attention to what s/he's actually crying about.

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