Monday, February 9, 2009


Today's special Sighting comes to us courtesy of Yahoo! News.

Apparently the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau, mothballed eleven years ago, is slated for scrapping and "recycling" (Her sistership, Foch, was sold to Brazil eight years ago and renamed Sao Paolo: perhaps Wolfrum knows something about her). India was originally supposed to do the job, but when officials and environmental groups learned the ship contained asbestos the project was refused. So on Sunday the veteran was towed to Hartlepool, UK, for dismantling (the city's website even has a gallery of photos of the ship). Able UK, the firm doing the work, thinks this will create some 200 jobs, and is downplaying the contamination issue.

The article was silent on the Brown government's position on the matter.

I will at once bid farewell to one of the last conventionally powered conventional aircraft carriers and a give loud Bronx cheer to anyone who thinks scrapping her will be a simple or clean process.

Imagine: a 1950s-era warship that contains toxics. Quelle surprise.

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