Monday, February 16, 2009

One Of Our Submarines

Thomas Dolby is likely getting a bump in radio play in the the UK this week after the recent announcement from the British Ministry of Defense.
Nuclear-armed submarines from Britain and France collided deep under the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month, causing damage to both vessels but releasing no radioactivity, a British official said Monday.


The HMS Vanguard, Britain's first Trident class nuclear-armed submarine, and the French Le Triomphant submarine, which was also carrying nuclear missiles, both suffered minor damage.

The French are more reticent:
France's Defense Ministry said in a brief statement Feb. 6 that the Le Triomphant had struck "a submerged object (probably a container)" during a return from a patrol, damaging the sonar dome on the front of the submarine.

The French ministry did not confirm the date of the collision, nor did it make any mention of a British submarine.

Appropriate watching/listening, while thinking of the sailors on the two boats and thanking Providence for disaster averted, is below.

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