Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bipartisanship Is So 2008

Apparently the Far Right is not happy with anyone in Congress who doesn't toe the party line.
"Republican senators are on notice," [Scott Wheeler, the executive director of The National Republican Trust PAC] said. "If they support the stimulus package, we will make sure every voter in their state knows how they tried to further bankrupt voters in an already bad economy."

I suppose all those GWoT dollars don't count toward the total, and actually paying for things isn't really American.

Collins and Snowe are pretty safe. The Maine economy hasn't been all that strong for decades, and there are a lot of people up there who will welcome the assistance, so even if either of them were up for reelection in 2010 (Snowe's term is up in 2012 and Collins' in 2014) the chances they'd keep their seats - barring any missteps - are good. Spector, though, seems to be getting more feeling some heat:
"I have no doubts about the political disadvantage," he said. "[I'm] losing a lot of political skin about this and I've got a primary battle coming up in about a year. ... It means I'll have to raise a lot more money." But Specter added the country's continued economic turmoil made the cost of not passing a massive stimulus bill too heavy to bear. "When you have an economy in terrible shape, and we have economists saying we may have a catastrophe and we may have another 1929 full scale depression unless we act, then I think that has to be the course," he said.

In increasingly typical GOP fashion, though, the The National Republican Trust PAC prefers to let the ship sink rather than engage in any aisle-crossing damage control.

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