Saturday, April 11, 2009

PWNing 2 Million 4 Marriage

In my last post, I discussed the cluelessness and/or outright cynicism of an anti-marriage effort that labels itself 2M4M. Seems cluelessness was more appropriate after all.

From the website for the just-registered domain
It's surprising how quickly things can get started. Just this morning I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend and then the news hit about the 2M4M campaign that opponents of marriage rights were mounting. As many were scratching their heads at the choice of name, it occured to me that the obvious Internet presence, was sitting unused.

Well, it is unused no longer. Welcome to, or Two Men For Marriage. This site will present the facts about marriage equality as a counter to the fear, uncertainty and doubt being sown by the opponents of equal rights.
I first saw the site go up last night, and already there's a fairly thorough skeleton put up.


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