Monday, April 13, 2009

More Small Tent Politicking

Last week Andrew Sullivan put up this razor-sharp dissection of why the New Right - particularly the Fundie set - isn't interested in anything remotely LGBT-friendly.
National Review clearly believes that gays exist beyond the boundaries of civilized life, or even social life, let alone the purview of social policy. But, of course, a total absence of social policy is still a social policy.


As far as National Review is concerned, homosexuals can go to hell. Their interests and views cannot even be accorded respect. They are non-persons to National Review: means, not ends.

Flip this around and you see what the theocon right actually believes: that society has no interest in the welfare of its gay citizens, and an abiding interest in ensuring that they remain unequal, feel unequal and suffer the consequences of a culture where family and commitment and fidelity are non-existent.
Recently, the RNC Chairman himself has given yet more evidence that LGBT citizens - even LGBT citizens who are (mystifyingly) Republican - aren't of any importance.


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